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Sébastien Bluet

Sebastien Bluet, academic degree at the “Nice and Nantes Master of Design”, is a very promising French designer.
His major inspiration comes from nature and his aim is to capture its beauty and hand it over to new original and creative items
In his job he always considers the continuous evolution of the end-users’ way of life.

Mathias Thomas

Mathias started designing when he was a child and through
the years he developed a real passion for invention. After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering that allows him to understand perfectly industrial restrictions and production processes, he attended a School of Design in Nantes (France)
His talent is to mix art and industry.
His intent, by designing original kitchen furniture and unique bathroom radiators, is to make your home a real beauty!

Luca Tormena

Luca was born in Pieve di Soligo in 1970 and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture in Venice.
He deals with industrial and interior design and architecture and collaborates with the major furniture industries designing original pieces as well as exhibition areas and stands for international exhibitions and fairs. He is also the artistic director of a team that blends all the necessary skills for photographic and graphic communication development.

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