Style changes perspective: the horizontal designer radiator.


In its journey from a purely functional tool to the main element of furnishing style, the radiator has completely changed its shape, often lengthening and streamlining its lines into increasingly slender forms towards verticality.
But what happens when you change perspective and you rotate these elements by 90° ?
Most designer radiators can now be installed either horizontally or vertically to suit the available space and the style of the room to be heated.
Today, thanks to the improved thermal insulation of rooms and the high efficiency of the heating system itself, the radiator leaves the space that was once almost mandatory: under the window, to find more visible places that often require a different orientation, more developed in the width dimension.
The horizontal design radiator creates original and unusual lines, which enrich the contemporary style with a welcoming sensation given by its wide shape, which embraces like a hug.
Apart from the style, horizontal development also opens up new possibilities for the installation of multifunctional accessories such as shelves and hangers. Even with a more traditional use, the horizontal towel warmer for the bathroom allows to place a larger number of towels without hiding the design of the radiator.
The choice of the type of radiator, as well as its orientation, must of course consider some basic characteristics of the environment to be heated, such as exposure, available space, type of system and the size required according to the desired temperature.

From the WAY collection, radiators with a horizontal design.
Whether you are looking for a camouflage style, with the radiator integrated into the room and painted the same colour as the wall, or a furnishing element that stands out in the room like a work of art, the WAY by Lazzarini collection offers you different solutions for the horizontal installation of your radiator.

An outstanding element that catches the eye with its clean and minimal lines, its originality is its strong point, wherever you place it.

A radiator with slim, square lines, characterised by a new seamless construction technique. It is the ideal solution for a modern bathroom with a clean essential style.

Technology and versatility are the characteristics of this ultra-flat tempered glass radiator with touch-screen control. With its clean and essential shapes, it becomes a heating element but also a mirror suitable for decorating the most important rooms.

One Tube
It can be used alone or in pairs, also as a horizontal towel warmer for the bathroom and is ideal for resting above the line of the bathtub or other furnishing elements. For an even more creative installation, One Tube can also be positioned at an angle.

Inspired by classic radiators but with a lighter design, the horizontal orientation gives Grosseto an additional distinctive touch.