Patchwork: style and customisation for business and Horeca environments


Furnishing a workplace entails a subtle balance between trend, style and marketing.

When setting up your restaurant, an office or a hotel lobby, you cannot ignore current trends and choose to adhere more faithfully or to lean more towards classic tastes that are less subject to variations (while being aware that trends evolve and require more or less frequent restyling to avoid the risk of presenting an outdated image).

Of course, it is essential that the chosen furnishing style fulfils the intended tastes and is consistent with the image that the brand wants to present, but also that it expresses a distinctive and possibly a memorable image – something that greatly represents a unique personality.

Lazzarini focuses on these needs by offering Patchwork to its business clientele – a radiator with fully customised claddings and finishes.

Patchwork is creative and is always a unique solution, which adapts to any environment and allows infinite variations: modular spaces have been created on its base, which may be white or anthracite, which can be filled with a customised composition of natural materials, such as hand painted ceramics, recycled wood or marble, or with a printed personalised image, so as to obtain the creation that best suits your space.

The Lazzarini Patchwork radiator can fully express its personality or blend in with the surrounding environment, thereby creating a more lively and sharp or harmonious and relaxing space.

Here are three ideas for furnishing your business area with Patchwork by Lazzarini.


The different colours of the finishes and the option of adding customised elements allow bright and vigorous tones to be obtained with solid contrasts that are certain to have an impact.


On the contrary, Patchwork can be integrated into the tones and materials that surround it, thereby creating chromatic and material continuity, using, for example, oak finishes in a context where wood is greatly used.


Why not use graphic customisation to include elements that combine information and communication? A map of your offices (graphically treated for a vintage or modern design), for example, or an infographic created by an illustrator.