Shanghai is here!


A unique designer furnishing element that is both dynamic and static, which, by itself, complements any room thanks to its clean lines and its bold, original personality.

This is Shanghai, one of Lazzarini’s latest creations: a water-heated towel warmer, which was developed by the designer Luca Tormena based on the game of the same name. Just like the sticks that are dropped as per the rules of the traditional Chinese game “Mikado” (also known as “Shangai” in Italian), the elements of this radiator are layered on top of one another in a neat yet messy way, which is pleasing to the eye and support it as it rises vertically.

The layout is only seemingly random, since movement is crystallised as in a snapshot that turns it into a still and harmonious shape, which is simultaneously rich and minimal.

Particularly elegant and with a striking presence, Shanghai is an element made with the innovative “tube in tube” technology, which is sturdier, more resistant to rust and unparalleled when it comes to aesthetic appeal: the tubes blend into each other, offering a clean, natural visual effect, as if merging together.
With its pure white and anthracite shades, Shanghai was conceived to create decorative contrasts, for a daring style, which is also elegant, but without being over the top.

In Shanghai, design perfectly captures the adventurous spirit of childhood, when playing games is the most important thing ever.