Lazzarini mineral finishes: quality that improves the design.


Design is not only in the shape.

Even the lines on their own, sometimes minimal, sometimes visionary, of Lazzarini’s WAY collection, are not enough to create heated rails that stand out for their aesthetics and enhance the function.

Sometimes the details are what make the difference: no visible welded seams, for example, or the high quality of the finishes.

The mineral finishes of the WAY line, with their mineral effect, are the added touch that gives every towel warmer a premium image, with a contemporary and elegant style.

The electrostatic spray painting process, carried out at controlled temperature and humidity, makes it possible to achieve a perfectly even finish, that is incredibly pleasant to the touch and eye, giving the heating rails a soft, warm and attractive appearance.

The valves are also treated with the same colour: a significant detail that gives the object a uniform overall style and impression.

Our ongoing search for the best products has allowed us to choose paints that guarantee very high resistance over time, while our catalogue is updated every year according to the new trends in designer decor.

WAY heated rails models come in sophisticated finishes, that bring together contemporary and classic styles, such as tobacco, anthracite, white or sand: warm and universal colours that satisfy every style of decor.