Style, function, and customisation: accessories that make the difference.


Decorating means customising: making a room, a space ‘yours’, shaping it with forms, lights, colours and functions.

For us at Lazzarini, design is not a style set by a trend but the possibility of expressing one’s taste and personality, thanks to elements of great character but at the same time ready to mix with other influences to build something unique.

This philosophy is also embodied in the accessories that accompany and complete our designer radiators: valuable pieces that bring together style, function and possibility of customising each piece.

Hang, Hook, and Y are the three accessories we have created for the Way line: made in teak wood and aluminium, they are defined by their clean, minimal lines, suitable for accompanying and enhancing each of our radiators.

They have been designed to be very light and to adhere to each radiator by a strong magnet: two key characteristics that make them particularly versatile because they do not require drilling for installation. This means that not only can they be positioned in any point, without limits, according to your personal preference, but they can also be easily moved at any time, changing the appearance and use of the towel rail warmer.

Let us look at them closely: Hang is a coat rack that follows the elegant lines of the classic coat hangers, making them minimal. Hook is a hook with a clean design embellished by the double curve of the wood, while the original shape of Y, which can be used as a single or double coat hanger thanks to its two split ends, recalls the iconic element of Lazzarini Way logo.

Essentially, designing a detail or an accessory means finding the ideal harmony with the object that it will be combined with: care that Lazzarini also places in the most concealed elements, such as valves, for example, which are treated with the same mineral finish as the radiators, for a more refined and seamless effect.

In the same way, the accessories for hanging objects are designed to go beyond their simple function and become an element of style and customisation, giving each towel rail warmer a unique touch, fitting in perfectly with its lines.