Italian design in Frankfurt with Lazzarini


A stand with a Renaissance yet contemporary style hosted Lazzarini at the latest edition of ISH, the world's most important HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) trade fair.

From 13th to 17th March, the fair welcomed the most important companies in the sector, with a focus on sustainability and the latest design trends.

To present the spirit and identity of the company and its premium Way line, Lazzarini chose Nathalie Knapp, who designed a stand inspired by Italian art. Its arched structure recalls great Renaissance architectural works such as the «Fondaco dei Tedeschi» in Venice, iconic Roman monuments such as the Colosseum and its 20th-century reworkings such as the «Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana», but also the niches that typically house the statues of our great Renaissance and Neoclassical sculptors.

Here, we displayed our products just like statues celebrating the greatness of Italian design, with the Lazzarini line in colourful, pop spaces and the Way line on a wall with more elegant and minimalist tones.

The new products presented in ISH Frankfurt include Verona, the new designer radiator part of the Lazzarini catalogue and a sparkling new addition to the Way line: tiles with Swarovski crystals, created to give a glamorous touch to the Patchwork design.

But the real king of the stand was certainly Shanghai, whose minimalist and eccentric lines attracted the most attention.