Breaking orthogonality: the radiator beyond the usual lines


Floor plans, technical drawings, our experience with squares and rulers have accustomed us to an architecture made up of straight horizontal and vertical lines: practical solutions that optimize space, but which are not the only possibility.

For those who wish to make a breaking choice, there are many furnishing elements that can be used to break the orthogonality of furniture: among them, designer radiators.

There are essentially two ways to insert diagonal lines into the look of a room using a radiator: one is to choose a product with an unusual, broken or multi-directional design, the other is to use a linear radiator, but installing it in an original way.

The first solution immediately makes us think of Shanghai design: wavy, seemingly disjointed lines that catch the eye by accompanying it on an upward path, where asymmetry becomes flair and grace.

But if you are not so daring, you can soften the rigour of your environment with radiators with a symmetrical yet soft design. Tavolara combines a traditional vertical development with curved contours, which break the monotony of straight lines to create a visual impression of greater cozyness and warmth.

Even bolder is the choice of using a radiator by installing it diagonally.

Of course, not all radiators allow this choice: it is necessary to start with an object with a more than essential design, to balance the impact of a bold placement.

With a one-piece radiator with clean lines like OneTube, however, the yield is surprising: it seems to have been born to create unusual and original compositions that decorate the wall with a unique personality.

The diagonal installation can break up the overly serious and set appearance of a room, but also enhance architecture and unusual spaces such as attics and lofts.

Shaping space sometimes also means breaking it up.