One radiator, many styles: One tube.


Having a strong personality does not necessarily mean always being the same.

Even an original and striking designer radiator can communicate a wide variety of styles and enhance very different spaces.

Today we tell you about the versatility of One Tube, one of our most iconic models, through the images of four environments in which the same radiator can express its great eclecticism.


With its monolithic yet slender structure, the One Tube emphasises the minimalism of a modern, clean-lined room. Modern, clean-lined environment, integrating itself with great naturalness, almost completing the balance of elements.

one tube - minimal


The Way line's matt mineral finishes, especially in colours such as Amethyst, Anthracite or Tobacco, make One Tube the perfect radiator for an industrial-style design, with its raw materials and vintage effect.

One tube - industrial


The possibility of installing One Tube in unconventional shapes, of alternating horizontal and vertical or to break the orthogonality by placing it diagonally allows you to give personality to an office or a waiting room. Chromatically coordinated with the dominant colours, it underlines the image of the company, highlighting its style.

One tube - office


One Tube's personality also contains a strong artistic spirit! With its coloured finishes, its lines can create colour contrasts and splashes of colour that make creative less conventional spaces.

One tube - loft

What's your One Tube style?