The warmth of the sea


One of the great ambitions of design is to give interiors the breath of the great outdoors.

Glazing, colour, lighting, but also references in furniture and accessories can evoke sensations that bring those who live in them back to nature, to a broader and freer conception of living.

Even a designer radiator can broaden the horizons of a room by letting in natural suggestions.

There is a bit of saltiness, salty air, a light breeze and sand between your toes in Spinnaker and Tavolara, two radiators in the Way line inspired by a concept of the sea that is freedom, passion and immersion in its vastness.

In name and form, Spinnaker recalls the triangular sail, wide and light, that swells in the wind and carries the boat through the waves.

Its vertical symmetry is contrasted by an asymmetry that points forward, towards the open sea.

Even more, Tavolara tells of a sea experienced skin-to-skin: its lines are reminiscent of a surf caressing the crests of the sea, or the contours of a pebble smoothed by time and waves and delicately laid on the shore. Its flat surface, enhanced by a mineral finish, makes it the perfect complement to a contemporary and minimalist décor, but at the same time full of warmth and emotion.

Two different proposals, but united by the same inspiration. After all, this is also what design is for: to give even in winter, in the warmth of home, the wide, free breath of the sea.