Four reasons to choose Way accessories


A radiator range as design-oriented as “Way by Lazzarini” requires suitable accessories. It is with great attention to style that our designers created the three robe hooks Hang, Hook and Y.

Four reasons to choose them:

1. Functionality

Whether you have chosen a classic towel warmer or a product with a more eccentric and unconventional design, a hook makes it easier and more straightforward to hang up your bathrobe or towel, leaving a tidier impression.

2. Energy efficiency

The robe hooks allow you to hang your towels without covering the heating elements so the heat can circulate free in the room.

3. Style

The teak wood and aluminum of which these Way accessories are made integrate naturally with the shape of the radiators, enhancing their lines without overpowering them.

Each is designed with lines that are at once original, elegant and unique.

4. Because if you get tired of them, you can change them

Hang, Hook and Y are installed with a powerful magnet that ensures they stay in place but also provides maximum flexibility: can move them around or remove them at any time without affecting your radiator; you’re free to change its style whenever you wish.