Where to place the radiator? A simple guide to start with.


Choosing a designer radiator is first and foremost a question of taste and style. Deciding where to place it in a room however requires slightly more complex evaluations.

The first, of course, is technical: a hydronic radiator must necessarily be connected to a system and this aspect limits the range of placement options.

Then the available space must be taken into account: in a small bathroom, one usually opts for the area above the bidet where there are generally no cabinets or mirrors or other furnishing elements. Horizontal radiators placed high up on a wall allow more space for furniture and other furnishing elements placed on the floor, while vertical ones leave the walls more free.

The need for efficient heating, which avoids waste and heat dispersion must also be taken into consideration: therefore no radiators closed in small niches, which would limit the diffusion of heat to the whole room, or installed next to doors, especially when the temperature range between one room and another is high, for example in the case of a bathroom which requires a comfortable environment, facing a colder corridor.

When considering where to place a radiator, it is necessary to ask a further question which is often overlooked: what function should the radiator have? It is often taken for granted that it simply serves to heat, but innovation in technology and design has opened up new, additional possibilities.

If the radiator is to be used as a towel warmer, it should of course be positioned so that the towels are easy to reach, just outside the shower stall or next to the bath tub, but also on the wall above the bath tub itself, if a horizontal radiator is chosen.

The radiator does not need to be equipped with pipes: the magnetic accessories of the Way line allow you to hang towels and bath towels even on models with an essential design such as Ischia and Tavolara.

Finally, let's not forget beauty!

A designer radiator should be placed in a place open to view, where it can best enhance the harmony of furnishings and colours.

Especially when it comes to disruptive design models such as our Patchwork and Shanghai, it is worth giving them a starring place in your home space!