Patchwork: a radiator for four seasons


'Modularity' is a magic word that is becoming increasingly important in the world of furniture. A modular piece of furniture leaves room for personalization to the chooser, for the expression of his or her personality, for stylistic and often physical integration in an environment.

The modularity of a piece of furniture is generally limited to the phase before purchasing, when the customer can choose the modules or elements that will make up the final object.

Our Patchwork on the other hand, takes the concept of modularity to a new level, making the object mutable and transformative.

Thanks to its magnetic tiles, which are very easy to replace and the possibility of choosing from many natural materials and customized prints, virtually everyone can have a radiator in their home, office or in their own room, that changes its image every season.

This is how we imagined it.

Spring opens up to light, colour and expressiveness with a lively and impactful personalized print.

Summer brings full, warm colours and an idea of Mediterranean scents and flavours reflected in the use of ceramics, elements of tradition rediscovered in the contemporary world.

Autumn returns to the essence of nature in its pure, bare materials, textures and the scent of stone and woodland.

Winter arrives with its need for warmth, which is why we have dressed Patchwork with customized tiles with a tartan texture to warm the room through the eyes.

Especially when combined with simple, minimalist furnishings, Patchwork can become the key element in changing the style and personality of a room whenever desired.